Remote Support

The Computer Group now offers remote computer support for both residential and business customers. Our remote support saves time and is an effective way to troubleshoot most problems with your computer. To use our remote support system, please follow the instructions below:

Click on the this link:

Your browser will ask you to open or save the file. Choose "Save". Next, go to where your Downloads are saved and double-click on the file you just downloaded. It should be named something similar to "thecomputergroupSupport3127.exe".

You may get security warnings, but this program IS safe. Please choose "Allow", "Continue", or "Run" should you get any of these prompts.

When the program loads, you should see a window similar to this:

Computer Repair - Remote Support

Click on the "Show My PC Now" button.

You may get prompted with a firewall warning. For XP users, click "Unblock". For Vista and Windows 7 users, click "Allow Access".

You should now have a 4-digit generated share password, and your screen should look similar to this:

Computer Repair - Remote Support

Your remote access is now ready.

Please call our office at 812-402-7720 and tell us your 4-digit code. We will then be able to remotely fix your computer problem.